Processes have been optimised, operations have become leaner, and workforces have gotten more agile – all under the maxim of increased productivity. At the same time, economic inequality has risen, working hours are stagnating, and employment is more precarious than ever.


Crises are embedded in modern economic systems. Before we manage to fully recover from one recession, another one is on its way. Regardless of what newspaper headlines and corporate advertising claim – we are not all in this together. The current crisis is not an equaliser, but a great emphasiser of all inequalities and deficient security mechanisms. Considering the new realm of power relations, we see the need for a broader debate on the control of workers and seek novel ways of workers’ control.


We are an independent initiative born at The Glasgow School of Art and the University of Glasgow. With our backgrounds in design research, art curating and critical management, we aim to investigate contemporary phenomena related to employment and spark a broader, inclusive debate about the future of work.


Our goal is to create a platform for transdisciplinary collaboration, discussion and knowledge exchange; a digital environment to look from a distance into work-related dilemmas in modern society.

We want to examine the future of work, post-work, workism, concepts and philosophies behind work, power relations between employees and employers, automation, technological opportunities and threats, work performance and its aesthetics.

Through essays, podcasts, interviews, and design & art projects, we seek to explore, analyse and comment on the rhizome of work and its ethics and warmly invite others to join us.